Chapter One

 “You approached me. You’re the one who placed a value on our interaction.”

 “Fifty pieces,” Micah said abruptly. A tense silence fell between them. 

Though Eden seemed to pause, considering, he hadn’t balked at the price. But Micah could feel nervousness and anxiety pass through him, as evident as a brand burned into his flesh. If they did this, they could both be implicated. For most courtiers and noblemen of Elysian, that risk was not worth it. But for others, denying their true desires had had just as devastating consequences. 

Micah was not afraid of those consequences. Tartarus had hardened him past all sense of fear. But perhaps for Eden, the fear was still too well-ingrained.

 “I’m not trying to trap you,” Micah said after a long moment of silence. “You can walk away. But you’re the one who came to Sister Anna’s. You’re the one who came all the way to Tartarus.”

Eden didn’t move at first, didn’t speak. Micah made to rise, but a strong hand reached out, grasping his wrist and stopping him in his tracks. 

 “I don’t want to walk away,” Eden said, his eyes roving Micah’s slender form. Micah shivered at the touch, settling back into his seat. 

 “I was hoping you would say that.” 

“How did you know?” Eden whispered, his hands shaking ever so slightly. “How did you know I wanted you? And don’t tell me it was that you caught me staring. I could have been staring for any number of reasons. But you approached me without any fear that I would dispel you.”

Micah paused. I felt your desire as if it were my own. “It was a lucky hunch, I guess,” he said. And Eden, though obviously not content with that response, seemed momentarily placated. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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