Chapter One

“Kiss me,” he whispered, and Eden complied, leaning down to envelope Micah’s mouth with his own. 

Skin met skin, and Micah’s stomach clenched at the intensity of it. One of Eden’s hands wound around the back of Micah’s head, massaging the nape of his neck, while the other slid over the firm cheek of his ass, squeezing with an evident need. This alone, this touch, this ferocity and passion, was more than Micah had ever felt before. His body was an instrument, and Eden played it with such tenderness, such marvelous aptitude. 

He had been honest about one thing for certain: a virgin he was, very obviously, not. 

Micah felt himself wrapped up in Eden’s arms, lifted so that his hips fit snugly around Eden’s waist. He obliged by folding his legs behind the dip of Eden’s ass and allowing himself to be carried to the bed. Eden settled him down gently before parting his legs and sliding himself in between them, bringing their lips together once more. Their cocks dragged against one another, and the friction caused Micah to let out a small whimper of desire, which he forcefully bit back. 

Eden moaned softly into Micah’s mouth, nipping at his bottom lip while his hips tentatively thrust against Micah’s, as if testing out their fit. His large hands slipped down in between them to grasp both of their shafts together, stroking them as one. Micah’s eyes fluttered, and his nails dug hard into Eden’s shoulders, raking his skin and leaving trails of reddened flesh in their wake. 

“I need to be inside you,” Eden gasped against Micah’s neck, his lips alternating between sucking and nipping at the delicate skin there. 

“Do it,” Micah groaned. “I’m not going to stop you.”

Eden paused, pulling away to settle his gaze on Micah’s flushed face. 

“What?” Micah groaned. “Why did you stop?”

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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