Chapter One

“Keep going. More.” Micah’s body was on fire. Sex had never felt like this. His mind was a slate of pure white pleasure, his own mixed with Eden’s, emotions bleeding together to wrap him up as if in a tight embrace.  

Micah’s eyes rolled back in his head as Eden inserted another finger, opening him with gloriously slow and deliberate strokes. The sting dulled to pure pleasure, and Micah welcomed the stretch. Each thrust of Eden’s fingers grazed against the sweet spot of nerves inside him, tumbling him into a state of pure erotic euphoria. 

A third finger slipped inside him with all the practiced ease of someone used to preparing other men. Micah’s body trembled, on the verge of pure bliss, when all three fingers were removed, leaving Micah desperate and aching. 

“You lied to me,” Micah groaned as Eden moved to align himself between his hips. 

“Did I?” Eden chuckled, the tip of his cock pressed ever so slightly at Micah’s opening. Micah’s heart skipped and pounded with ravenous hunger. “About what?”

“You’ve done this before.”

“Not with a man,” Eden said huskily. “Though I’ve been told it’s much the same.” He lapped at Micah’s neck with his tongue, sending fresh waves of pleasure up and down Micah’s spine. 

“I’m ready,” Micah choked out, his fingers moving to clamp down on the muscles of Eden’s ass. “Fuck me.”

Eden complied, pushing inside slowly to give Micah’s body time to adapt. The burn of the stretch was at first uncomfortable. It had been a long time since Micah had allowed another person to enter his body. But when Eden had finally sheathed himself all the way to the root, Micah felt full and suspended in a heightened state of euphoria. His brain was numb, but his body was alight as if every nerve ending had been charged by waves of an electric current. The feeling of connection, of being completely and totally consumed, enveloped him. Lust. Joy. Pleasure. Joy. Joy. Joy. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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