Chapter One

Eden let out a carnal moan that had Micah’s cock pulsing against his stomach, leaking with his arousal. They held each other for a moment, both gasping and panting. Then Eden began to move, his hips thrusting back and forth, and Micah could scarcely breathe from the sheer rapture of the sensation. 

Eden’s hands moved in between them to begin pumping at Micah’s cock, keeping time with each thrust of his hips. The drag was hot and tight and deliriously blissful. Catching Micah’s lips, Eden kissed him tenderly as though he was something delicate, something worthy of reverence and gentility.

Micah longed to make the moment last forever, to bask in the glow of ecstasy that was Eden’s slow and steady lovemaking. The draw of his cock, the friction of skin on skin, the tug of his hand over Micah’s shaft…it was all too good, too much. It couldn’t last. Micah crashed headfirst toward orgasm, and by the look on Eden’s face, he was not far behind. 

Desperate with passion, Micah’s hands wove through Eden’s golden hair. The well-kempt locks had fallen in his face, making him seem younger, more boyish. He was breathtaking.

“I can’t…I’m going to…” Eden’s voice broke. 

“Come for me,” Micah whispered, pressing his lips to Eden’s. 

He could feel the tension of Eden’s release, as warm seed spilled inside his body. He caught Eden’s final moan in his mouth as he too reached his peak, as he was engulfed by the wave of the strongest orgasm he had ever experienced.

Eden fell beside him, flat to his back on the well-used mattress. He slung an arm around Micah, pulling him close, holding him like some precious thing. It was intimate, and still shuddering from his release, Micah felt the strangeness of it. Being held after sex…after a connection like that…

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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