Chapter One

Micah’s body was wrecked, shivering, floating as if made of nothing but air. He had never felt like this. Never. His breathing came down slowly as his body adjusted to the aftermath of his powerful orgasm. There was a small part of him that wanted to wrap himself around Eden, to caress the smooth, sweat-streaked skin. But that was nonsense. This had been a business transaction. Nothing more. 

Eden’s hand stroked a piece of long black hair back from his face. Micah’s heart skipped a beat as he looked up into those big, warm eyes. Eden smiled, looking completely satisfied and wickedly handsome. Still breathing heavily, his chest was covered in a sheen of sweat.

“Is it always like that?” Eden asked. 

Micah pulled away, shaking his head. “No,” he said. He sat up, moving to sit on the edge of the bed when he felt Eden’s fingers trailing over the skin of his back. His eyelids fluttered, soaking in the sensation of that touch. It felt like no other touch he had ever experienced. He doubted he would ever feel one like it again.  

Enough sentiment, he chided himself. With great resolve, he stood, moving to slip back into his hastily discarded clothing. 

“Micah…” Eden’s soft voice from the bed stopped him short. “Are you in such a hurry? Can’t you lay here with me?”

“I didn’t take you for one to cuddle after sex,” Micah snorted derisively, ignoring the longing to crawl back into bed and wrap himself around that strong, lean body. 

“Yes, well…I suppose I’m full of surprises tonight.” Their eyes met again, as Micah began buttoning the fly of his pants. He paused briefly before shaking his head. 

“I have places to be, people who will notice my absence if I’m gone for too long.”

Eden nodded stoically. He shifted, sitting up on the bed and exposing all of the sinewy muscles of his chest, the burnished blond hair decorating the pectorals that Micah had just had his hands all over. Micah swallowed back the lust reigniting within him and turned away as Eden rose from the bed and began sifting through his discarded clothing. Micah could hear the rustling of fabric and then the soft padding of feet as the other man approached. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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