Chapter One

Eden grinned shyly, nodding while avoiding Micah’s eyes. “So I’ve been told. My mother picked it out.”

Tension settled between them, hot and electric, as Eden met his gaze once more. This man felt…different from the men Micah had met before. There was an air about him, an uncertainty, a hesitancy joined with a quiet confidence and aura of control. It was an intoxicating combination. Micah wanted desperately to unlock the mystery of this man, to crack him open and see inside.

 “And…are you going to tell me your name?” Eden asked, startling Micah back to reality. He was smiling, his face set in a gentle, almost mollifying expression. Micah’s stomach tied in knots looking at him. 


 “Micah.” Hearing his name escape those lips sent a ripple of desire down Micah’s body. “I like that. It suits you.”

Micah felt his lips twitch into a teasing grin. “And how would you know that? Been watching me long enough to assume you know me?”

Eden flushed again, swallowing hard. “No. I—”

 “So, the way I see it, Eden, there are only three reasons someone like you would find themselves in a place like this.” 

“Someone like me?” 

Micah nodded slyly. “Three reasons, like I said. Drugs, weapons, or sex. By the look of you, all clean-cut and respectable, drugs don’t interest you much. And being that you’re either a soldier or an EP, weapons likely don’t interest you either.”

Eden stiffened. “You don’t know that—”

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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