Chapter One

Micah held up a hand to silence him. “Don’t deny it. You don’t get a build like that leading the life of an aristocrat. And you definitely don’t get it from growing up down here.”

Eden shifted awkwardly. 

 “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone and give away your little secret,” Micah purred. “Either way, it’s not drugs. And it’s not weapons. So that leaves…sex.” Eden swallowed, the dip of his Adam’s Apple bobbing in his throat as Micah continued. “So…that makes me wonder. Why come all the way to Tartarus for sex? I’d imagine a guy who looks like you could get any woman he wanted on the surface. I bet they throw themselves at you.” 

Micah paused. Across from him, Eden breathed heavily, meeting his gaze with wide pupils. 

 “But then again, it wasn’t a woman you were staring at. It was me.”

“I told you, I…” Eden was obviously flustered, stumbling over his words, looking for any excuse to absolve himself. Micah enjoyed the bashful look on his handsome face. It made him look boyish, almost innocent. “It wasn’t my intention to—”

Micah chuckled, cutting off the other man’s ramblings. “You forget where you are already? This is Tartarus. All moral and ethical depravities are welcomed down here. And everything has a price. But you know that…else you wouldn’t be here.”

Eden was silent. He had dropped his gaze and now stared at the glass in his hands, his fingers nervously drumming against its surface. “I…I had hoped I might not be so obvious…” His voice was quiet; Micah had to strain to hear him over the hum of the bar. 

Rolling his eyes, Micah shoved his heel into the other man’s boot, smirking as the blond lurched at the contact. Blue eyes met brown across the table. “Stop sulking. I told you, everything has a price. Including me.”

Eden balked at those words. Micah could see the heaving of his chest, the uncertainty flickering over his features. “What do you—”

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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