Chapter One

 “You sure are good at playing dumb, aren’t you?” Micah chided. “We both know why you’re here. You want me. And I’m willing.”

 “But…it’s forbidden.” The words seemed to come unbidden from Eden’s mouth. After he said them, he dropped his gaze and shook his head, as if aware of how ridiculous his statement was. 

And it was ridiculous. Eden knew it. Micah knew it. Homosexuality was a crime punishable by death on Elysian Island. You’d have to be a fool to seek after those desires. And yet…Eden was here, underground, looking at Micah liked he wanted nothing more than to strip him down and eat him alive. Micah could feel the waves of lust and desire rolling off of him, potent as sin. There was no use denying it. And Micah grew tired of the back and forth. 

 “Of course, it’s forbidden. And that’s why you had to come to Tartarus to get it,” he said. 

Eden’s eyes lifted, cerulean orbs filled with hunger, as his fingers tightened around his glass. 

 “How do I know I can trust you?”

 “Enough money will make anyone trustworthy.”

Eden paused, his brow furrowed as he peered into Micah’s eyes as if seeking some malcontent. “You certainly are forwardaren’t you?”

 “I like to consider myself an opportunist,” Micah asserted.

Eden smirked, shaking his head. His soft huff of laughter traveled straight to Micah’s groin, stirring something inside him. “How much will your…company cost me?”

 “Can you put a price on pleasure?” Micah raised a brow in a teasing glance. “If you monetize it, you cheapen it.”

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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