Chapter Two


Idiot, Micah cursed himself. 

When had he gotten so soft? He knew better than to let one man spewing pretty words win him over and wrap him around a finger. And yet…what the hell had happened back there? He’d allowed himself to be drawn in, to be swayed and sweet-talked. And then, when his guard was down, he’d been convinced to meet with Eden again. 

Not that it had taken much convincing. They made love once more before he had eventually pried himself from the bed to leave Eden behind. Still now, he felt the passion of Eden’s kiss, the unrelenting pressure of Eden’s hands all over his skin. 

He hadn’t wanted to leave. But he had been gone too long already. The Games were well underway at this point; Micah would have to find a good excuse for his absence. Booker didn’t like it when his people showed up late for the Games. And he would be furious to know the truth of Micah’s whereabouts. 

Micah pulled his jacket tight around his neck to ward off the chill. The underground was exceptionally quiet tonight. Most of its inhabitants were likely already tied to a staticky television screen, watching the broadcast of the Games with wide, dead eyes. 

Micah wondered if Eden would be watching the Games, if he had any interest, being a surface-dweller. Or were the Games only appealing to the less fortunate citizens of Elysian? Were they merely a diversion to keep their discontent at bay? 

Irritation surged through him. That he was still thinking about Eden irked Micah to no end. Why couldn’t he get Eden out of his head? Approaching the man at the bar had been an audacious act, one done without much thought. But now, it seemed the aftermath was all Micah could think about. He gritted his teeth as he passed through the darkened underground streets. Rats scurried here and there in the shadows, their claws clicking and their teeth chattering endlessly, but Micah paid them no mind. 

It wasn’t until he passed Desmoterian that his thoughts were truly wrenched from Eden and the time they had shared together. He paused, frozen in its monstrous wake, scarcely able to breathe in its imposing presence. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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