Chapter Two

Micah thought of Winnie Wynter, of her bright green eyes that so matched her brother’s, of her passionate demeanor, her kind smile. All of those things that he had once loved about her were now years in the past. It had been a long time since he had gone to see her. Perhaps he owed her a visit. And an explanation. For many things.

He sighed. “I doubt she wants to see me.”

“Of course she does. She loves you.”

Micah stiffened at those words. August continued despite Micah’s obvious discomfort.  “She does. And she understands. She just wants everything to be like it used to be. I…I want that, too. Don’t you?”

Micah wished that so many things could go back to the way they had been. But the torn relationship with Winnie…he knew it was one of those intangible, irreparable things he would not be able to fix. “You know I do.”

“So, you’ll come?” August looked so hopeful, it wrenched Micah’s heart in two. 

“Maybe,” Micah said. They both knew he wouldn’t. He was too much of a coward to face her, to put them both through the awkwardness and pain of a reunion neither of them was ready for. 

August nodded, leaning back against the building, mirroring Micah’s stance. He smirked, lifting his chin as if imagining a breeze, something similar to what he might have felt before Tartarus. Before the Fracturing. “I’m up for my scan today,” August finally said. Micah stiffened. Only Yellows with chips got scanned. Only Yellows with chips were eligible for the Extraction. It was remittance for the work they were assigned in the mines. Work in the mines, be eligible to go home. 

Micah wanted to respond, but August’s eyes were filled with fresh hope. “I feel so much better. I feel like it might be my time,” he said, his voice a lilting tenor. 

“And you’d go? If they said you were eligible? You’d leave Winnie? Booker? Me?”

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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