Chapter Two

It was a revolving door. The crowd cheered as one gladiator after another met their death for sheer amusement and placation. Micah felt sick. He closed his eyes and drowned out the noise, blacking out his mind. Just breathe, Micah. Count down from five. 


That night, Micah’s sleep was plagued with nightmares, flickerings of the past that refused to die. He heard Vice-President Zimmer’s voice, resounding in his head as it had eleven years ago. It was framed by the crackling static of his old television set, the one he had watched every day in Geylis.

“…We’re concerned about the threat the Resistance poses….gone too far this time…their dispersal of toxin in our outermost regions…president has issued the order to begin the Great Fracturing… rehoming process to Tartarus…mandatory process…not in compliance will be punished…”

Then he heard the thundering crash and heavy bootsteps, the screaming and crying echoing around him. He heard his mother’s wailing, her screaming. She thrashed against the men who held her like a wild animal caught in a net. 

Let him go! Let him go!”

He didn’t have time to cry out before being wrenched from his mother’s side with all the weight of a rag doll. He was eleven years old again, nothing more than a child. A heavy hand slapped across his face, knocking him to his back on the floor, and wrenching the wind from his lungs. His mother cried out and grasped for him with clutching, claw-like hands, but to no avail.

Standing imposingly in the bedroom with them, dressed in full military garb and shrouded in darkness, were three heavily armed Elysian Policemen. One of them had a handful of his mother’s hair, another gripped Micah’s arm with a forcefully tight fist. The last of the three guarded the door, his gun pointed at Micah’s mother as she struggled. 

Let him go! Get your hands off him! Don’t hurt him! Don’t touch him!

 “Scan them already!” spat the EP glowering from the doorway, and the officer holding Micah’s arm pulled out a silver, gun-shaped device with a flat end where the barrel should have been. The EP forced the device up against Micah’s neck. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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