Chapter Three

The military had created a soldier, but the frightened little boy was still buried there underneath. Still terrified of the wrath of his stepfather. Still unsure of his place in the world. Eden Voss had not changed that much, despite all appearances to the contrary. If anything, he had just gotten better at pretending, at masking his emotions.

Truth be told, life for an EP was not always easy. Eden had been made aware recently of an incident in the underground ending in the murder of several Elysian Police Officers. On top of that, riots on behalf of the Resistance had sprung up like weeds in a bed of wildflowers. The president’s War on Resistance had endangered many EP lives. It had asked much of the men and women involved, and Eden was not proud of many of the actions he had been forced to undertake.  

Back in his personal chambers, Eden allowed himself to become again the man he had been in Micah’s arms. He couldn’t shake him, the man he had known for less than 24 hours, who had awoken something passionate, something feral inside him.  

There had been something about Micah, something that had drawn Eden in like a moth to a flame. Eden had known for a long time that his tastes and preferences ran toward men, but in Elysian, this desire was forbidden, considered sinful and toxic. The Church of the Sacred Order would often make public spectacles of the torture and execution of homosexuals. Eden’s tastes were dangerous and downright deadly. Loving another man could cost him everything, even his own life. 

But remembering Micah, imagining his pale skin and thin, muscular body, Eden’s cock hardened under his towel. The other man’s soft moans, the fluttering of his long, dark eyelashes…Eden remembered it all in vivid detail, and his body ached. As his towel fell to the floor, Eden’s hand strayed to his now erect cock and began pumping slowly, gripping himself in a tight fist. 

In his mind, he could see piercing silver eyes cutting into him like a serrated blade. He knew his skin still bore the scratches left by desperately clawing fingers. He remembered trailing his lips over pink nipples, allowing his tongue to lap at the soft and delicate skin behind Micah’s ear. He could hear Micah’s harsh breaths as his body experienced pleasure under Eden’s hands. It was glorious, rapturous, sensual. Eden drove himself mad remembering.

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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