Chapter Three

He hadn’t aged. His skin – smooth, pale, and unblemished – was a portrait of youth and beauty. He was breathtaking, haunting and ethereal, sharply dressed in a suit of all black with a black tie pulled taut around his thin neck. The well-fitted suit exposed the sinewy muscles of his form, the fitness of his body. His long silver hair was pulled in a tail behind his back, and soft turquoise eyes looked up at Eden’s approach. 

That handsome face hardened immediately, and Eden shuddered under the president’s cold glare. The man before him was like a phantom from his childhood, one that had haunted him without ceasing, now returned to flesh and blood.

“Eden Voss.” He said Eden’s name as though it was smooth silk passed over his lips. “Look how you’ve grown.”

Eden put his hand over his heart in a salute. “My Lord, President Tovar. I’m honored you asked for me. How may I serve you?”

Tovar’s eyes flashed to Green, who still stood silently in the doorway. “Captain, will you please excuse us?”

Green nodded hastily. “Of course, my Lord. Please call for me if you need anything while you’re here.”

 “Thank you, Captain. I appreciate your hospitality.”

 After bowing to the president, Green politely excused himself, clearly ill at ease. But after he had gone and the door was firmly closed behind him, Tovar’s eyes slid back to Eden.

 “Do you know why I’m here, Eden?”

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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