Chapter Three

“I’ve changed, my Lord. The military has been good to me.”

 Tovar smiled fully, displaying a large set of glimmering white teeth. “Has it?”

“I trust I can prove my worth to you, my Lord.” He bowed his head, looking to the floor rather than meeting his stepfather’s burning gaze.

“I imagine you will, Little Eden.” Tovar crossed his arms in front of his chest as he assessed his stepson. “I imagine word of my banquet has made its way to you?”

 “Yes, Sir.”

“A banquet in your honor. To honor the Elysian Police and its many years of dedicated service, as well as my little rose’s rise to the rank of lieutenant. I’ll want a good showing at that banquet, Little Eden. Do you understand?” 

Eden’s head swam with discomfort, but he nodded nonetheless. “Yes, Sir.”

Tovar continued. “You’ve proven yourself to be quite the desirable match, Little Eden. There are many nobles who have my ear for an engagement.”

Before he could stop himself, Eden blurted, “I’m not interested in any engagements.”

Tovar’s thin brows rose as his lips formed an open-mouthed smirk. “Ahh, there he is.”

Eden straightened, drawing himself back inwards, recognizing his mistake. “I apologize, my Lord. I spoke out of turn.”

“You will obey, won’t you, Little Eden? I hope you recognize the consequences of disobedience after all these years?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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