Chapter Three

Eden could feel the eyes of onlookers as he raised his fists and assessed the contender on the other end of the ring. Blaise, like always, dove first. His body, though smaller than Eden’s, was still spry and muscular. He forced all of his weight into his first blow, a punch aimed for Eden’s jaw. Ducking back, Eden slid a leg along the sand, knocking Blaise’s legs out from underneath him and landing him hard on his back.

Eden lunged. Before he knew it, they were both sprawled in the sand, each attempting to pin the other. Eden was quicker, grasping Blaise around the middle and throwing him back to the floor. With each foiled endeavor to escape, Blaise seemed to grow more and more irritated. His jaw set, teeth bared like a feral animal, he cried out in fury. Eden laughed at his ferocity. Blaise’s competitive streak had an edge to it. One that made him a poor sport and a dirty fighter. 

He should have expected those tactics by now. But the teeth that slammed down hard on his forearm still had him gasping with pain and indignity, as the elbow to his kidney had Blaise twisting out of his reach.

“You slimy little shit,” Eden growled with no real bite. The only way Blaise could beat him was through dishonorable means. In a true fight, he’d be doomed. They both knew it. 

Again, Eden’s arms locked around Blaise’s back, pinning him to the ground. With a wrist in each hand, Eden glared down at the smaller man, grinning broadly. “How long are you planning to wait before you call it?”

Blaise sneered, squirming and thrashing. Eden settled over his waist to hold him steady, and Blaise let out a roar of frustration. He attempted to throw his head forward, but Eden dodged the blow, chuckling. “Still a little hungover from last night, huh?” he laughed. 

“You’re one to talk!” Blaise spat, still doing his best to throw Eden’s weight, but to no avail. Eden fully seated himself on Blaise’s lap, his hips and arms like strong pillars holding him in place.  

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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