Chapter Three

“Say you surrender,” Eden purred. “I can sit here all day.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Eden could see that a crowd had gathered: Soldiers and officers watching their fight with wide eyes. Beneath him, Blaise’s cheeks darkened with frustration and embarrassment. 

“Give it up, Harker! You’re no match for the lieutenant!”

“He’s got you! Yield already!”

The voices of his fellow soldiers in the crowd seemed to grate at Blaise. A growl rose from deep in his throat. But every time he attempted to rise or free himself, Eden forced him back down to the ground. His hair was flecked with bits of sand and dirt. 

“Fine! Fuck it! I yield. You win!”

Eden laughed, shifting off Blaise’s hips to allow him back to his feet. As they rose, the soldiers around them whooped and cheered playfully. Eden’s cheeks flushed. He would never get used to being the center of attention, but now more than ever, he was going to have to try. 

“Voss! Over here!” Captain Green’s voice echoed across the grassy expanse. Eden’s eyes met Blaise’s as he hopped over the ropes. This wouldn’t be the last of Blaise’s foul disposition. 

Eden skirted the edges of the training field to fall in line at his captain’s side. “Captain,” Eden splayed his hand on his heart in a salute. Green nodded. 

“I see you made quick work of throwing Harker around the ring today, Voss.” Green chuckled. “I think that was your best time yet.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Eden grinned in response. A stillness settled over them as they surveyed the men and women still engaged in their drills. Then, Green’s eyes flashed, tired resignation settling over his wizened features. 

“I received word from the Capitol last night. Thought it important that you heard it from me first…though I’m sure it’s already begun making its way around the other officers.”

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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