Chapter Three

Eden stilled. “Sir?”

“The President is planning a banquet in honor of your recent promotion.”

Eden choked. The captain watched him with somber, serious eyes. “I know how you feel about attending these kinds of functions. But it’s important that you make yourself visible. Now more than ever. There’s more to being an officer than just brawn. You need to impress the nobles, keep their eyes on you.”

He wasn’t wrong. But still, Eden felt his heart pounding with reckless abandon in his chest. “When, Sir?” 

 “Tonight.” That one word stole the breath from his lungs. “Seems the President wants you home right away.”

Home. Eden was unsure if he knew the meaning of that word anymore. For the past ten years, the military had been his home. And now, he was being summoned by the one man he feared the most in the entire world. The president. 

His stepfather

Green excused Eden early to the showers. It was a welcome reprieve to be able to bathe in solitude, though Eden knew it would not last long. As he stepped under the warm water and allowed it to trickle over his shoulders, he heard his name echo from outside the showers.

“Eh, Voss!” Blaise was beside him before he could make a move to cover himself. Shaggy brown hair was laced with the dirt and sweat of their earlier squabble as Blaise ducked under the closest shower head and moaned as the water rolled over his scalp and down his neck.  “You could have gone a little easier on me back there.”

 Eden chuckled. “What, and let you win? Not a chance.”

“So…you going to tell me what happened last night?” Blaise raised thick brown brows, working up a soapy lather. 

Eden flushed slightly, his mind flashing back to Micah, to his lithe, pale body. To the feel of Micah’s skin under his fingertips. “Nothing really…” Eden forced his tone to remain neutral. Blaise was unconvinced. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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