Chap. One

     Mine. That word struck Micah to his core. Part of him wanted to revolt, to assert his own dominance. He belonged to no one. But another part of him wanted nothing more than to be owned by this man, bent to his will, chained to his existence. Claimed. He slid two more fingers inside himself, panting heavily at the stretch. 

     Eden gripped Micah’s hips between his fingers, pulling him ever closer. His grip was so tight, it almost hurt, but Micah reveled in the feeling of it, of being so close, so desperately close. With pupils blown wide in lust, he gently withdrew from himself, pushing Eden back to the mattress. Again, he slicked his hand with oil before coating Eden’s cock, root to tip. He watched Eden’s eyes roll back in his head, his mouth falling open in a silent moan. 

      Lifting his hips, Micah aligned his entrance with Eden’s solid shaft. Slowly, he pressed down, sliding to envelop Eden’s tip inside himself. Eyelids fluttering, he gasped at the stretch, the tight burn, the building tension. His fingernails dug into the skin of Eden’s chest. By the tightness of Eden’s fingers on his hips, Micah knew Eden’s desperation, his desire to wrench up and thrust inside. But instead, Eden was gentle, patient, allowing Micah all the time he needed to become acclimated to the intrusion. And what a fucking glorious intrusion it was. 

     He spread himself open on Eden’s cock, fully seated, absorbing the entire length while relishing the slow drag of pleasure that ignited in his stomach. The burn of the stretch caught Micah’s breath before tumbling him into a sea of euphoria. It was almost too much yet not enough. He ground down on Eden’s hips, forcing Eden’s cock deeper inside his body. 

     Eden’s mouth fell open. He sat up, pulling Micah in for a kiss as he began to thrust in time with Micah’s rising and falling on his lap. They moved together, locked around each other, limbs and lips entangled. 

     With ravenous hands, Micah clutched Eden’s scalp, digging his fingers into thick blond locks as Eden guided their pace, slow and steady, passionate and heady. It was a deep, slow drag that Micah could feel all the way in his core. 

     Eden’s eyes clenched shut as soundless moans cascaded over his kiss-plumped pink lips. He was hurtling towards orgasm, judging by the flush of his chest and the tightness of his grip on Micah’s hips. His arms trembled as he continued to rock frantically.

     “Come for me, lover,” Micah coaxed.

     Eden cried out as his orgasm rolled through him. He continued to pump in desperation as his cock pulsed inside Micah’s body. Climax hit Micah then, as he felt the wet spill of Eden’s seed filling him. They came down together, panting and gasping for breath.

     As Eden pulled him in closer, Micah felt something brewing in Eden’s mind. He was thinking about something, always thinking about something. Gingerly, Micah let his walls down, opening his empathy to Eden, attempting to make sense of that pensive look, that satisfied but thoughtful smile. Curiosity mixed with wonder, mixed with worry, mixed with joy.

     A soft thrum of happiness radiated outward, stealing Micah’s breath. He basked in it, soaking it up, absorbing it into himself. For once, his power didn’t seem like so much of a curse. He nuzzled into Eden’s warmth, slipping his arms around Eden’s waist. You’re mine. I’m yours.  If he were a weaker man, he might have said it out loud. But Eden seemed to detect his neediness nonetheless. 

     “What are you thinking about?” Eden whispered into the shell of Micah’s ear. 

     Micah shuddered at the feel of his soft breath. “Nothing,” he said. 

     “It doesn’t look like nothing.” Eden kissed that sensitive spot just below his jawline and smiled when he shivered. “Do you want to know what I’m thinking about?”

     “What are you thinking about?” Micah couldn’t help the smile that had broken out over his lips.

     Eden shifted where he lay, fingers idly toying with the strands of Micah’s dark hair. “I’m thinking about how lucky I am to have found you. I never want to let you out of my sight again. I’m afraid I’ve gotten…rather attached.” 

     Heat rose to Micah’s cheeks. In Tartarus, it was unwise to form attachments, bonds that could so easily snap or fray. But hearing those words from Eden’s lips felt like gluttony. He wanted to hear them over and over again. “You’re attached to me?”

     “That night in the underground. When the EPs came for me. That night, I looked everywhere for you. I would have done anything to find you. And then seeing you, seeing the EPs shooting at you — I realized it was my fault. I led them to you. I never would have forgiven myself if you’d gotten hurt.”

     “It’ll take more than a few EPs to bring me down,” Micah teased, allowing his hands to trail over the smooth planes of Eden’s chest, toying with the small patch of golden hair that he so loved. “I don’t know if you know this but I can take —”

     “Take care of yourself. Yes, you’ve mentioned that.” Eden grinned, bringing Micah’s hand to his lips and pressing a kiss to his palm. 

     “You said that you led them to me?” Micah asked. “How did you even know where to find me?

     Eden stilled. Apprehension. Nervousness. “I met a girl in the Four Horsemen. She told me where to find you.” 

     “You went to the Four Horsemen?” A chill shot down Micah’s spine. 

Copyright © 2020 – All rights reserved by Hellie Heat

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