Elysian Chronicles

Garden of Eden

Cover art for Garden of Eden, Elysian Chronicles #1.  Eden embraces Micah from behind.

Micah Vehyl considers himself an “opportunist.” Living in the underground city of Tartarus, he’s not misguided by the ideals of the esteemed and noble government, nor by the promise of rehoming and freedom on the surface. In a world where homosexuality is considered punishable by death, and only the rich and healthy are able to see the light of day, Micah has made a living for himself – among his older brother’s band of criminals and assassins. Armed with a complex power he barely understands, Micah lives only for himself, removed from the fight of the so-called Resistance movement and the impending war against President Axel Tovar and the esteemed and noble government.

But a chance and erotic encounter with a deeply enigmatic Eden Voss awakens a passion within Micah…one that he thought to have vanished for good. A dangerous passion: one that could just get him killed.

Meanwhile, Eden Voss has secrets of his own: An officer in the Elysian Police Force, Eden risks more than just his career to maintain contact with Micah. But the connection between them cannot be denied and Eden is willing to throw it all away for the chance to spend more time in Micah’s presence.

Caught between passionate desire and the forces that strive to keep them apart, Eden and Micah must navigate treachery, politics, but worst of all – themselves, to find each other. And when injustice threatens all they hold dear, they must make decide if what they’ve started is worth fighting for. And if they’re willing to risk it all to be together in a world where their love is forbidden.

Tartarus Rising

Cover art for Tartarus Rising, Elysian Chronicles #2.  Eden and Micah stand back to back, holding hands.

The fight for Elysian has already begun.

Eden Voss is finally free from the bindings of his former life. After being rescued from the underground prison, Desmoterian, he now lives among the Yellows of Tartarus, on the run for his life. Amidst the Resistance effort against President Axel Tovar, Eden has found a new purpose, a freshly blossoming love. And for the first time, he finally has something that he can truly call his own.

Micah Veyhl has more to lose now than ever. Never would he have imagined he would find himself embroiled in a plot to overthrow the government, indebted to the Resistance effort. But that was before Eden. Before he started falling in love.
Now, betrayal runs rampant. President Tovar seems always one step ahead. But across the Dead Sea lies a new world filled with promise and hope: The Isle of Justis seems the place of dreams. The perfect place for a new life, a new freedom, a new hope. But getting there will be more than a challenge. With Tovar’s Elysian Police force on high alert, and traitors at every turn, it’s going to take more than determination to get to Justis. And the fight for Elysian may just cost them their lives.

Justis Reborn

Cover art for Justis Reborn, Elysian Chronicles #3.  Eden and Micah embrace in a green field, with a clear sky and mountain behind them.

With the fate of their world in the balance, can their love outlast the trials of war?

Freed from the clutches of President Axel Tovar and the esteemed and noble government of Elysian Island, Micah Veyhl and Eden Voss flee to the beautiful Isle of Justis, a place where it seems their dreams may finally come true. Ghosts of the past live there, as well as the strange force called Dunamis, said to unite all living things. The enchanting and mysterious leader of Justis, Mercy Sanctus has powers all her own. But beneath the surface, all may not be as it seems.

Secrets emerge…about Tovar’s past, about Micah’s powers. And as they begin to acclimate to their new and unfamiliar environment, their lives begin to change in ways they never could have imagined, testing the strength of their bond and the depths of their love.

Who is a traitor and who an ally? As Micah’s powers grow, he begins to doubt even himself. Because to destroy Axel Tovar and unite the insular worlds of Justis and Elysian, sacrifices must be made. Micah must become stronger than he ever thought possible. But in doing so, will he push Eden away? And will embracing his true nature come at the cost of the new life they’ve painstakingly worked to build?

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