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Garden of Eden

Cover art for Garden of Eden

Micah Vehyl considers himself an “opportunist.” Living in the underground city of Tartarus, he’s not misguided by the ideals of the esteemed and noble government, nor by the promise of rehoming and freedom on the surface. In a world where homosexuality is considered punishable by death, and only the rich and healthy are able to see the light of day, Micah has made a living for himself – among his older brother’s band of criminals and assassins. Armed with a complex power he barely understands, Micah is able to remain aloof and protected, powerful and revered. And while the fight to overthrow President Axel Tovar continues to take shape below ground, Micah lives only for himself, disinterested in the plight of the so-called Resistance movement. 

But a chance and erotic encounter with a deeply enigmatic Eden Voss awakens a passion within Micah…one that he thought to have vanished for good. A dangerous passion: one that could just get him killed. 

Meanwhile, Eden Voss has secrets of his own: An officer in the Elysian Police Force, Eden risks more than just his career to maintain contact with Micah. But the connection between them cannot be denied and Eden is willing to throw it all away for the chance to spend more time in Micah’s presence.

But when the President targets Eden as a traitor, Micah must make a choice: Take up arms among the Resistance effort or lose the man he has come to love forever?

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