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 Gunshots blared through the underground city. Booted footsteps pounded across the floor of cement and dirt. Shouts rang out, military signals echoing over dilapidated buildings as a swarm of EPs rushed forth, guns raised.       Booker’s heart felt it would pound out of his chest as he pressed his body against the brick wall behind him,Continue reading “Prologue”

Chap. One

Bathed in moonlight, Micah breathed in the fresh air, relishing the light of the stars shimmering overhead. He was no longer underground. A dream? But it felt so real.      Soft lips laid kisses to the skin of his neck. With his body pressed against the hard, unyielding surface of the alleyway behind him, Micah meltedContinue reading “Chap. One”

Chap. Two

Guilt settled in Eden’s stomach like a parasite, gnawing at him from the inside out, as he watched Dr. Harker leaning over August’s limp body. Inside the darkness of the abandoned warehouse, with only a few small candles to light the workspace, Eden and Micah stood by, helpless as Harker and his daughter worked toContinue reading “Chap. Two”

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