Vampyre Dominion


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Humanity is lost.

Noxious gases blot out the sun, drowning the world in eternal night—vampyres hold dominion. Humans are livestock.

But not all humans heel without a fight.

Cypress is a vampyre killer. Born into slavery, he escaped to become a hunter for the human liberation movement known as the Veritas. But his worst fears are realized when, after a horrific raid of the Veritas camp, he is captured again. After putting all efforts toward escaping, he encounters the one thing he couldn’t have expected…a vampyre who challenges all his notions of what it means to be human.

Haven Bathory is beautiful, but more than that. His cherubic face hides dark secrets, a past that leaves him scarred behind his carefully crafted mask. Something about the young vampyre’s damaged soul calls to Cy, and he’s powerless not to answer.

As betrayal runs rampant, Cy must choose where his allegiance lies. But can he ever truly trust a vampyre? And can he trust his own heart, when it’s so desperate to lead him astray?

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